Congratulations on finding your final destination for fitness. As an International Fitness Expert & Certified Trainer for 13 years, I have enhanced the lives of over 2700 people including Celebrities, Athletes & clients of all ages. 

Now I would like to help you reach your goals & get you the results you deserve!


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World Class Professionals

Your custom action plan comes with cutting edge workouts & the best health & fitness programs. Each plan is specific to each clients goals, lifestyle, fitness level & tailored to their individual needs


Stress Free Fitness

Fityvr gives you all the tools to be successful. What to do & how to do it, what to eat & when to eat it, allows for stress free management of your routine giving you schedule flexibility & minimizing stress


No Gym No Fees

Tired of high gym fees & expensive PT sessions? Your training program (action plan) comes at just a fraction of the price you would pay to see a Personal Trainer. Online Training is easy & affordable


Monitoring & Support

Receive weekly support & instant messaging on the Fityvr app to help you stay accountable & committed to your routine

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